The Beaumonts having a raunchy good time with ‘Hey Y’all’

The Beaumonts‘Hey Y’all It’s The Beaumonts’
The Beaumonts (Saustex)
3.5 stars out of 5

Barely a month has passed since twangy Texans The Beaumonts — who bill themselves as “America’s No. 1 porno honky tonk band” — impressed with the reissue of 2010’s raunchy gem “Get Ready for The Beaumonts.” The guys continue their winning ways with newest full-length “Hey Y’all It’s The Beaumonts,” an often hilarious collection of 11 tunes that gallop by in half an hour.

The Beaumonts CDPer usual, the lyrics here aren’t for younger ears — though “Hey Y’all” is perhaps (slightly) less sexcentric as “Get Ready For.” Still, be prepared for plenty of four-letter words and exercise some caution if spinning this one around the kiddies.

Opener “(Heaven or) San Antonio” is a honky-tonk delight, and The Beaumonts also score with “If You Take Drugs (You’re Gonna Die),” “Lubbock in the Springtime,” “Let’s Take a Ride,” “On My Bended Knee” nad “My Condition.” Enjoy, y’all. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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