Jacob Monday makes impressive soul/pop debut with ‘uniSon’

Jacob Mondry‘uniSon’
Jacob Mondry (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

I’d advise all of you reading this to make sure that Jacob Mondry is on your radar. The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter is a rising star on the soul/pop scene and makes a jaw-droppingly good first impression with debut album “uniSon.”

jacob mondry CD“When I was younger, I didn’t allow myself to be (let alone fantasize about) the things I truly wanted to be.” the candid Mondry explains. “Being gay or being a singer didn’t seem like options for me because I didn’t see role models around me doing these. This chapter of my music is the joy of realizing what’s possible; that growing up is a blessing.”

There isn’t a bad song to be found on the eight-track, 31-minute release and my only real complaint is that there aren’t a couple MORE songs to enjoy here. The cream of the very good crop is lead single “Two Suns,” a tune written seven years ago as a country tune, then became Al Green-inspired love song, before settling in as the uptempo gem featured on “uniSon.” I’d love to hear both of those early versions, as well.

Additional standouts include “If You’re Gonna Lie,” “Mr. Glitter & Gold,” “Tomorrow Never Comes” and “My Love (Still Keeps You Warm).” The sky’s the limit for this talented youngster. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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