The Henrys take things in a new direction on ‘Quiet Industry’

The Henrys‘Quiet Industry’
The Henrys (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Canadian collective The Henrys have been known to take their time between albums. “Quiet Industry” is the band’s sixth full-length in 21 years — and first since 2009’s “Is This Tomorrow” — and finds them taking things in an entirely different direction.

The Henrys CDFor the first time, songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Don Rooke has written lyrics for the bulk of the 14-track release. Previously an instrumental outfit, The Henrys have made a nice transition with the addition of Gregory Hoskins on vocals and the album figures to widen the band’s appeal.

It’s a low-key, mellow collection of tunes, with The Henrys soaring highest on “As I Say I Do,” “A Thousand Corners,’ “Invention of the Atmospheric Engine,” “Was Is,” “When That Far Shore Disappears,” “Dangers of Travel” and “The Almighty Inbox.” It’s nice to see that even after more than two decades in the business, The Henrys are capable of surprising us. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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