Valet end a 7-year wait between albums with terrific ‘Nature’

Valet (Kranky)
3.5 stars out of 5

I had started wondering if Honey Owens wasn’t going back to her Valet project, since we hadn’t heard from it in seven long years with the last album “Blood Is Clean.” But alas, Valet is back and running on “Nature,” a slurry, spacey collection of songs that will make you numb in a hurry.

Valet coverThis record should be right down the alley of anyone into Marissa Nadler, Mazzy Star, or Tamryn, and this eight-track album will help you take a trip to the unknown on dreamy hazy “Sunday”; dark and scorching “Signs”; moody and murky “Nowhere”; and emotional and sprawling finisher “Child” that is one of the most emotional on this great comeback record. Hopefully Owens doesn’t stay away so long next time. (Brian Krasman)


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