Left Lane Cruiser toking the line on latest LP ‘Dirty Spliff Blues’

Left Lane‘Dirty Spliff Blues’
Left Lane Cruiser (Alive Naturalsound)
3.5 stars out of 5

Few musicians — with the possible exception of Snoop Dogg — are as unabashedly pro-cannabis as Indiana punk-blues rockers Left Lane Cruiser. Initially a duo, LLC have expanded to a trio featuring founding member Freddy J IV (guitar, vocals, organ), Joe Bent (bass, vocals, skateboard) and Pete Dio (drums, trash) and latest slab “Dirty Spliff Blues” is a wild, pot-fueled ride.

Left Lane CD“The core group of songs on this record were written at soundchecks during a nine-month period of touring the U.S. and Europe,” Freddy J IV notes. “After a long drive, we would get to the club. Burn one down. F***in’ jam at soundcheck. Then we had a new tune. This album was written entirely under the guidance and influence of marijuana. No dirty spliffs (joints with a mix of tobacco and pot) were used in the making of this record.”

Left Lane Cruiser stomp their way through the 10-track, 39 minute album in fine fashion. The songs are loud and raunchy in the best possible way and figure to be a blast when witnessed live. Among the highlights here are “Tres Borrachos,” “Whitebread n’ Beans,” personal favorite “Tangled Up in Bush,” the title track, “Skateboard Blues” and “She Don’t Care.” Don’t be surprised if you get a contact high after a few spins of “Dirty Spliff Blues.” (Jeffrey Sisk)


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