Reina del Cid deliver the goods on latest effort ‘The Cooling’

Reina‘The Cooling’
Reina del Cid (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

You probably don’t know Reina del Cid — or the talented band that bears her name — but terrific new album “The Cooling” might help change all that. The Minnesota-based quartet honed their skills with more than 300 shows in preparation for debut “The Cooling” and the hard work has paid off.

Reina CDJoining vocalist/songwriter del Cid are Toni Lindgren (guitars), Chris Wiberg (bass) and Zach Schmidt (drums). They have cobbled together a 10-track gem of pop/rock tunes that should have pretty universal appeal. Del Cid’s voice is distinctive, yet pleasing, and the album is a winner from beginning to end.

The one-two opening punch of “Sweet Annie” and personal favorite “This One’s Gonna Hurt” get the album off to a flying start, and the band also impresses on standout cuts “Where the Sun Always Shines,” “Morse Code,” “Xanadu,” the title track and “Death Cap.” I can’t wait to hear more from this up-and-coming young band. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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