The Grape and The Grain unplug for stellar ‘At Home’ acoustic EP

The Grape‘At Home’
The Grape and The Grain (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

New York-based rockers The Grape and The Grain made quite the first impression last December with the release of their self-titled breakthrough platter. What began in 2012 as a solo project for Daniel Grimsland evolved into a gritty, blues-tinged hard rock quintet whose star was on the rise.

The Grape CDThere’s been some turnover in the ensuing months, however, with Grimsland now joined in the four-member band by Steven Markota (drums), Daniel Marc (guitar) and Mo Kelly (bass) — but the music remains great. New EP “At Home” finds the lads recording acoustic versions of four cuts from the 2014 full-length.

“We had som much fun recordings (‘If God Is Love’) and experimenting with reinterpreting a song, it inspired us to keep going with it,” Grimsland explains. “It was great fun but also challenging for us as songwriters. I enjoyed the process very much, and I hope the band will do more things like this in the future.”

The project is a glowing success for the most part with the acoustic versions breathing new life into the songs. The new takes on “The Hudson,” “Burnt By the Sun” and the aforementioned “If God Is Love” might even improve on the originals. The lone misstep here is “The Devil and The DEA,” a terrific song in its original incarnation that loves some of its power on “At Home.” All in all, however, this is another winner from the new-look The Grape and The Grain. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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