Scuzz-rock trio Falling Stacks serve up so-so ‘No Wives’ release

Falling Stacks‘No Wives’
Falling Stacks (Batle Worldwide)
2.5 stars out of 5

Even after multiple spins of their latest album “No Wives,” I’m still not sure where I stand on the music of British scuzz-rock trio Falling Stacks. There are moments on the 10-track, 34-minute slab when I’m convinced that bandmates Gavin, Matt and Jim are on the verge of something special, but just as many moments when I wonder if they know anything at all about melody.

Falling Stacks CDThis uncertainty makes he hesitant to categorize the record as an unqualified success. Because for every keeper, there’s (at least) as many that leave you scratching your head and wondering exactly what the guys are thinking.

Most of the good material comes at the outset, with Falling Stacks scoring on “Pool Party,” “Sections and Sub-Sections,” “Los Ticos” and “A Fly Would Slide.” The lads have already generated comparisons to the likes of Fugazi, Sonic Youth and The Fall, which places the band in some pretty heady company. Falling Stacks have emerged from Bristol, England’s fertile DIY scene. Now they look to conquer the world. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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