Ken Will Morton scores again with ‘All’s Fair in Love & War’

Ken Will Morton‘All’s Fair in Love & War’
Ken Will Morton (Rara Avis)
4 stars out of 5

Hailing from my old college stomping grounds in Athens, Ga., Americana singer/songwriter Ken Will Morton has crafted arguably his best album to date in the sprawling “All’s Fair in Love & War.” That’s saying something for a guy who’s delivered consistently excellent records — most notably 2011’s “Contenders” and 2012’s “Slow Burn” — for more than a decade.

Ken Will Morton CD“All’s Fair in Love & War” is a 20-track, 78-minute set Morton wrote in the wake of a long-term relationship coming to an end. While living alone in a mobile home — the album’s original title was “A Double From a Single Wide” — Morton poured his all into the music. He played all the instruments himself, save for some prerecorded drum track loops he found on the internet, and the results are amazing.

From the opening tandem of “Long Gone Daddy” and “Blindsided” to the closing salvo of “Hard Feelings” and the title track, Morton doesn’t miss a note. Additional standouts include “Skywriting,” “Riding for a Fall,” “Vestiges of You,” “Reach Forward,” “Trial By Fire,” “Little Bird” and “Little Miss 1565.” Despite it’s length, “All’s Fair in Love & War” moves along at a nice clip and never feels overstuffed. Kudos. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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