Singer/songwriter Jeremy Bass delivers ‘New York in Spring’

Jeremy Bass‘New York in Spring’
Jeremy Bass (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Jeremy Bass is a busy dude. In the past eight months, Bass has released his stellar “Tenant” full-length debut, haunting EP “Winter Bare” and now latest platter “New York in Spring.” In the midst of a brutal New York winter and still licking his wounds from a painful divorce, Bass kept the focus on his music.

Jeremy Bass CD“Recording songs about spring in the middle of winter was the last thing I wanted to do,” Bass confesses. “All I wanted to do was hole up in a cave and wait for the storm to pass. But the need to finish ‘New York in Spring’ kept me so busy that I didn’t notice the cold and exhaustion any more. I became obsessed with creating a completely different sound than what came before.”

The result is an eight-track, 27-minute release that sounds far more optimistic than the tunes on “Winter’s Bare.” His music is happier, but no less effective. Bass shines brightest on opener “Berimbau,” personal favorite “Firefly,” “Work,” the title track and set closer “Stars.” There’s even an effectively faithful cover of The Beatles’ “Julia.” It’s time you got to know this talented artist. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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