Chinese collective Round Eye miss mark on self-titled release

Round Eye‘Round Eye’
Round Eye (Ripping)
1.5 stars out of 5

I tried to like the self-titled latest release from Chinese experimental freak punk collective Round Eye. Really, I did. But despite my best efforts I just couldn’t find anything that compels me to want to revisit this 17-track sonic jumble ever again.

Round Eye CDThe Shanghai-based outfit’s new record clocks in at just 46 minutes, but it seems to last twice that long. And that ain’t a good thing. The experimentation is just too far out there for my tastes and I was unable to warm to the efforts of Chachy (guitar/vocals), Spacker Dave Vestaloyne (bass/vocals), Peter Jackson (tenor sax), Lewis Maplethorpe (alto sax) and Jimmy Jack (drums).

Lid lifter “PMS 2.5” gets things off to a bad start, and Round Eye never seem to recover. Tunes such as “Street Light A,” the more-than-a-mouthful titled “You Can Tell That She’s a Dud Lay By the Fact She Has a Photo of Her Nephew as the Background on Her Phone,” “I Fear the Consequence” and “(Julie’s Got a) Suntan” might merit a listen or two, but that’s about it. You’ve been warned. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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