Alt-country veterans Uncle Lucius shine bright in ‘The Light’

UNCLE LUCIUS cropped_HIGH RES-557‘The Light’
Uncle Lucius (Boo Clap/Thirty Tigers)
4 stars out of 5

Stellar alternative country outfit Uncle Lucius have spent a decade trying to make a name for themselves. They have three previous albums but finally come into their own on fourth release “The Light,” their first since escaping a record deal Uncle Lucius felt was stifling their creativity.

Uncle Lucius CDFreed from the constraints of the Nashville machine, Uncle Lucius struck out on their own, honing their skills via relentless touring and calling on their fans to help fund the batch of songs that ultimately became “The Light.” It’s a fantastic collection of 12 tunes contributed by all members of the band and should be the album that takes Uncle Lucius to the next level.

“We’re a five-headed beast and our songs speak for us,” says frontman Kevin Galloway. “Whether we succeed depends on how well they resonate in the world. It’s not about writing a certain kind of song, it’s about harvesting whatever song comes.”

Uncle Lucius lures listeners in from the outset with the title track and “Age of Reason,” and later soar high on keepers “End of 118,” “Wheel’s in Motion,” “Gulf Coast Gypsies,” “Flood Then Fade Away,” “Nothing to Save” and “Someday Is a Far Cry.” Do yourself a favor and step into “The Light.” (Jeffrey Sisk)


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