Motobunny stomp their way through solid self-titled debut

Motobunny (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Billing themselves as a cross between Icona Pop and Iggy Pop, rock newcomers Motobunny are making a name for themselves on the strength of their self-titled debut album. With two frontwomen and a decided pop bent to their garage-rock sound, Motobunny resemble the former much more than the latter on this better-than-expected 12-track slab.

Motobunny CDChrista Collins (vocals/synth) and Nicole Laurenne (vocals/keytar) are charismatic presences at the microphone and they get able backing from Michael Johnny Walker (guitar), Rik Collins (bass) and Jay Lien (drums). Collins and Laurenne moonlight in other bands, fronting The Wooly Bandits and The Love Me Nots, respectively, but they seem on the verge of something special with Motobunny.

The band comes out of the gate swinging with “The Other Side,” “Shake Me” and “Let’s Go Out,” and later score with “Drown,” the title track, “My Boyfriend Is a Ghost” and “I Warned You.” Do yourself a favor and track down Motobunny’s debut. You won’t regret it. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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