Jonny Polonsky explores the dark on ‘The Other Side of Midnight’

Jonny Polonsky‘The Other Side of Midnight’
Jonny Polonsky (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Singer/somgwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jonny Polonsky doesn’t make many albums, but you can count on them being pretty darn good whenever he does.

Jonny Polonsky CDThe suburban Chicago native exploded onto the power/pop scene with scintillating 1996 debut “Hi My Name Is Jonny” and followed it up with the almost-as-good sophomore set “The Power of Sound” in 2004. More than a decade has passed since then, but Polonsky at long last returns with third full-length “The Other Side of Midnight.”

“(This) is the first record I’ve made since ‘Hi My Name Is Jonny’ where I played all the instruments, and produced and recorded everything myself,” Polonsky explains. “My new record has a dark, watery, nighttime feel to it, and (engineer Dean Hurley) helped to bring out those qualities big time.”

Polonsky sets the tone for what’s to come on “The Other Side of Midnight” with the opening tandem of “Chip Away the Stone” and “Lay Down Your Arms.” He also impresses on standout cuts “Waiting for Something,” “The Motherlode” and “We Could Last Here Long.” Hopefully Polonsky won’t let so much time go by before hitting the studio again. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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