Kathryn Calder delivers the goods on terrific self-titled solo offering

unnamed-3‘Kathryn Calder’
Kathryn Calder (File Under: Music)
4 stars out of 5

Kathryn Calder has made a name for herself as a solo artist after years of being an integral cog in the New Pornographers’ machine (as well as in Immaculate Machine). Her third solo record, the first bearing just her name, is a little darker, a little moodier, and another fine piece of work.

unnamed-2That heaviness is apparent when opener “Slow Burning” begins, really tugging at your heart. From there, she picks up the pace on “Take a Little Time” that’s nice and murky; reflective and cloudy “When You See My Blood” that opens up like a storm cloud at the end; slow and vulnerable “Song in CM”; and atmospheric, fluttering “Arm in Arm.” This solo jaunt of hers? Man, it just keeps getting better. (Brian Krasman)


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