Brash, bold Cusses deliver ‘Here Comes the Rat’ EP with a snarl

Cusses‘Here Comes the Rat’
Cusses (Ha! Records)
4 stars out of 5

I had no idea what to expect when “Here Comes the Rat,” the latest release from Savannah, Ga.-based trio Cusses came across my desk a few weeks back. The band’s hard-driving 2012 self-titled debut came and went without appearing on my radar, so this four-track EP marked my first exposure to the band.

Cusses CDWell, color me impressed. There’s an impressive punk snarl throughout the 14-minute set courtesy of banshee vocalist Angel Bond. She gets plenty of help from Bryan Harder’s blistering guitars and Brian Lackey’s relentless energy behind the drum kit.

Cusses reach out and grab the listener by the throat with “Golden Rat” and don’t let go until dynamite closer “Teenage Monster” reaches its end. In between are the so-so “Sally and Her Tassels” and the terrific “I’m Gonna Get You.” With sophomore full-length “Golden Rat” to come later this year, the future appears to be extremely bright for this up-and-coming band. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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