Blistering duo God Damn serve up high-octane ‘Vultures’ LP

God Damn‘Vultures’
God Damn (One Little Indian)
3 stars out of 5

It’s kind of hard for me to believe the ear-shattering melodies emanating from my speakers while listening to God Damn’s latest slab “Vultures” are being created by just two guys. But such is the case for a British twosome that blends elements of grunge, metal, indie rock — and even a dollop of industrial — into a high-decibel sonic stew.

God Damn CDComprised of Thom Edward (guitars/vocals) and Ash Weaver (drums), God Damn have cobbled together a riff-heavy platter that’s sure to get your pulse pounding. With 13 tracks clocking in at 52 minutes, “Vultures” overstays its welcome by about a quarter, but there are plenty things to like on the red-hot recording.

Atmospheric snippet “Horsley Fields” open the proceedings, but “Vultures” really kicks into high gear with “When the Wind Blows,” “Silver Spooned” and personal favorite “Maladie Melodie.” The momentum wanes at times in the middle portion of the set, but God Damn regain their bearings on keepers “We Don’t Like You,” “Skeletons” and “Sullen Fun.” Rock on, lads. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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