The Knack’s late-career platter ‘Zoom’ gets deluxe reissue

The Knack‘Zoom’
The Knack (Omnivore)
3.5 stars out of 5

If I asked you name the best song The Knack ever recorded, I betting 98 percent of you would say “My Sharona.” And if I asked for the second-best song in the band’s canon, I bet most of you would greet me with a blank stare. Maybe a couple might say “Good Girls Don’t” or “Your Number or Name,” but the fact is The Knack peaked with their debut single and album in 1979.

The Knack CDIt might come to a surprise to many that The Knack continued, albeit sporadically, to make records throughout the 1980s, 1990’s and early 2000’s. The folks at Omnivore are reissuing the band’s final three albums — 1998’s “Zoom,” 2001’s “Normal as the Next Guy” and 2002’s “Live From the Rock ‘N’ Roll Funhouse — with all sorts of extra goodies.

First up is “Zoom,” an album that reunited The Knack (new drummer Terry Bozzio was in tow) for the first time since the failed comeback attempt of 1991’s “Serious Fun.” It’s a solid — if not especially memorable — release that didn’t really reignite widespread interest in the band. In addition to the original platter’s 14 tracks (“Pop Is Dead,” “Can I Borrow a Kiss,” “Mister Magazine,” “Harder on You” and “Good Enough” are the standouts), there are a handful of bonus cuts on the reissue. Check out the demo version of “(All in the) All in All” and a version of “My Sharona” with Bozzio behind the kit. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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