Megan Slankard returns with ‘Running on Machinery’ release

Megan Slankard‘Running on Machinery’
Megan Slankard (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Singer/songwriter Megan Slankard isn’t one of the most prolific artists around. The rock-solid “Running on Machinery” is just her fifth full-length album overall and her first since 2011’s excellent “A Token of the Wreckage.” That platter came an agonizingly long six years after 2005 release “A Little Extra Sun.” Needless to say, the Bay Area-based Slankard prefers to take her time.

Megan Slankard CDIn between recording sessions, Slankard has toured with Jamie Cullum and David Knopfler, sung the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giants and even performed with the Jeff Campbell Band on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Those experiences helped shape the songs that became “Running on Machinery.”

“The new album has a healthy mix of stories about the end of the world, banks robberies, prison escapes, failed relationships and other adventures,” she explains.

There aren’t any real misfires on the 11-track release, but pay extra attention to standout cuts “Bones Live Forever,” “Lost Together,” “If I Knew” (featuring Jeff Campbell), “What It’s Worth,” “Can’t Keep It In” and “Next to You (A Nuclear Love Song).” It’s time you got to know this talented lady. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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