Kopecky deliver another winner in ‘Drug for the Modern Age’

Kopecky‘Drug for the Modern Age’
Kopecky (ATO)
4 stars out of 5

Kopecky are one of those bands whose music is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on my face every time I hear it. They made a fantastic first impression (under former name The Kopecky Family Band) in 2013 with debut album “Kids Raising Kids” and continue in that winning vein on terrific sophomore platter “Drug for the Modern Age.” The record explores such life-altering events as death of a loved one, divorce and addiction struggles.

Kopecky CD“The album was written in this weird time of so much pain but also happiness, and that really informed the writing and the recording,” says vocalist/guitarist Gabe Simon. “Our goal was to talk about all these very serious things we were dealing with, but in a way that felt nothing like wallowing and more like standing triumphantly, or even dancing our way through it.”

Kopecky’s infectious brand of folk-tinged indie pop has been featured on such television shows as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Parenthood,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Awkward.” It seems only a matter of time until they take the next step up the career ladder.

“Drug for the Modern Age” gets off to a great start with “Die Young” and “My Love,” and Kopecky later deliver the goods on keepers “Real Life,” “Closed Doors,” “Thrill,” “Natural Selection,” “Burnin’” and the set-closing title track. This one’s another winner for a band on the rise. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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