Whitewash expand their sound nicely on ‘Shibboleth’ release

Whitewash (Sad Cactus)
3.5 stars out of 5

Whitewash, a self-professed ‘intergalactic softcore pornstar rock outfit,” came together in 2012 thanks to fortuitous meeting of New York University students Jonathan Ben-Menachem (bass) and Sam Thornton (guitar). They began playing together as a duo and soon rounded out the Whitewash lineup by adding roommates Evan Glazman (drums) and Aram Demirdijan (rhythm guitar) to the roster.

Whitewash CDTheir early recordings were decidedly raw and DIY, with resulting EP “Fraud in Lisbon” being produced entirely on Ben-Menachem’s laptop. The guys played a few live show but soon took a break to pursue other interests. Whitewash reunited last June in the Big Apple and set to work on full-length debut “Shibboleth.” The production values markedly improved and the band has laid a solid foundation on which to build.

There are still some experimental flourishes to be found on nine-track, 31-minute platter, but the lads also dabble in some synth pop, distortion-heavy garage rock and psych-folk. Opener “Hunger Strike” sets the tone for “Shibboleth,” with Whitewash really hitting their stride on keepers “Pantomime,” “Dissociative Episode,” “Saudade” and “Tentacle.” Keep an eye on this up-and-coming outfit. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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