The Grahams shine bright on ‘Glory Bound/Rattle the Hocks’

The Grahams‘Glory Bound/Rattle the Hocks’
The Grahams (12 South)
4 stars out of 5

Husband and wife Americana duo Alyssa and Doug Graham draw much of their musical inspiration from hitting the road. The Grahams impressed at every turn with 2013 debut album “Riverman’s Daughter,” a 12-track gem inspired by the people they met and sights they saw on the Great River Roads along the banks of the Mississippi River.

The Grahams CDFor their next project, The Grahams were even more ambitious. They rode the rails of the United States and wound up with a new studio effort, “Glory Bound,” as well as a documentary film and live album called “Rattle the Hocks.”

“After we recorded ‘Riverman’s Daughter,’ we were listening to a lot of Woody Guthrie,” Alyssa explains. “The song ‘Farm Labor Train’ kept sticking in our minds, so we wanted to write a song about trains. We wrote ‘Glory Bound,’ then decided that we really wanted to ride the trains in honor of Guthrie, Lead Belly and other old folk legends who used the train system to bring voices together.”

The “Glory Bound” and “Rattle the Hocks” albums share many tunes, with standout cuts including “Glory Bound,” “Lay Me Down,” “Kansas City,” “Biscuits” and “Griggstown.” Among the live-only cuts, “Tender Annabelle” and a spirited take on “City of New Orleans” are the ones you’ll remember. Highly recommended. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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