Christian Lopez Band on brink of stardom with sublime ‘Onward’

(Photo by Allen Clark)

(Photo by Allen Clark)

Christian Lopez Band (Blaster)
4 stars out of 5

Last fall, 19-year-old West Virginia native Christian Lopez made a splash with his five-track debut EP “Pilot.” It proved to be one of the year’s more enjoyable Americana offerings and whetted my appetite for more music from this ridiculously talented youngster. Happily, Lopez didn’t make us wait too long as he’s already unveiling his first full-length effort in “Onward.”

Christian Lopez CD“From the beginning, I’ve never wanted to make ‘pop’ music,” Lopez explains of his old-school approach. “It’s not real. It’s from a machine, and I knew my heart is in a different place. I was influenced by artists and bands that pushed through that barrier to do the music they loved. My goal is to work my ass off to succeed with that approach.”

Lopez wisely included two of the EP’s better tracks — “Will I See You Again” and “The Man Is Was Before” — on “Onward” and there are eight other originals rounding out the set. “Morning Rise” is my favorite tune, and Lopez also scores with “Seven Years,” “Leaving It Out” and “Goodbye.” The lone cover is an interesting take on the gospel standard “Oh These Tombs.” Keep an eye on this kid. He’s gonna be a star. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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