The Beaumonts are plenty rowdy, raunchy on ‘Get Ready for The Beaumonts’

The Beaumonts‘Get Ready for The Beaumonts’
The Beaumonts (Saustex)
3.5 stars out of 5

At first blush, Texas denizens The Beaumonts sound like a really good band you might hear at your local watering hole or roadhouse. With twangy melodies and gravelly vocals, the lads do their thing better than most. A closer inspection of the content of their songs, however, reveals why The Beaumonts bill themselves, tongue firmly planted in cheek, as “America’s No. 1 porno honky tonk band.”

The Beaumonts CDThese lyrics definitely aren’t meant for younger ears, with plenty of four-letter words and countless references to drugs, sex, sex and more sex. If you aren’t easily offended — and I’m not — there’s a lot to enjoy about the 13-track, 35-minute slab, though be advised many of the tunes might make you blush.

“Say What You Want” sets the tone with its references to, among other things, bestiality. And The Beaumonts continue their delightfully depraved — and often hilarious — ways with keepers “Lubbock Pt. 1,” “Oh, Maria!”, “Butter Face,” “Money for Drugs,” “Big Fake Boobs” and “The Boots Stay On.” You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own risk, y’all. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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