Marriages deliver the year’s best rock album in sublime ‘Salome’

Marriages (Sargent House)
4.5 stars out of five

I don’t know what you’ve heard about great rock albums that have come out this year, but unless you’ve witnessed Marriages’ second opus “Salome,” you haven’t heard the very best one. That’s no exaggeration, as this band’s been simmering for some time, and they hit all the right notes on this tremendous nine-track record that is as good as it gets.

Marriages CDVocalist Emma Ruth Rundle (who put out one of last year’s best albums with her solo debut) is totally in charge on these songs, with her bandmates back her with sonic power and emotion on cuts such as great opener “The Liar” that has Far Eastern touches; moody “Skin” that might remind some of The Cure and has a downright swelling chorus; “Southern Eye” that starts spacey, keeps trickling, and eventually injects you with energy; and awesome “Less Than” that has electronic traces but also packs a gigantic punch that could level a room.

Marriages have flown under the radar too long, but “Salome” should more than take care of that. (Brian Krasman)


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