Faith No More make triumphant return with ‘Sol Invictus’ release

Faith‘Sol Invictus’
Faith No More (Reclamation Recordings)
4 stars out of 5

Faith No More’s comeback is one of the most unexpected in some time. They dissolved after 1997’s just-OK “Album of the Year,” but the band that made all-time classics “The Real Thing” and “Angel Dust” return with “Sol Invictus,” a record that should be a trainwreck but is an absolute triumph.

Faith CDFirst, Faith No More sound alive and brimming with spirit, and anyone can tell hearing these 10 tracks that they are fully committed and completely revived. The subtle, glowing title track opens, and from that point, it’s on to a ton of high points, from “Superhero,” which sounds a lot like classic Faith No More, as does the totally psychotic “Separation Anxiety”; the surprising, infectious “Sunny Side Up”; excellent ballad-turned-uprising “Matador”; and the light but substantive closer “From the Dead,” where vocalist Mike Patton croons, “Welcome back, my friend.” Welcome back, indeed. (Brian Krasman)


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