The Orange Peels still going strong with ‘Begin the Begone’

The Orange Peels‘Begin the Begone’
The Orange Peels (MLM)
3.5 stars out of 5

West Coast indie poppers The Orange Peels have been doing their thing for almost 20 years just outside of the mainstream. Though not among the most prolific bands around — rock-solid “Begin the Begone” is just their sixth studio effort since 1997 — frontman Allen Clapp and his mates can be counted on to deliver the goods just about every time out.

The Orange Peels CDIn November 2013, founding members Clapp and Jill Pries were in a life-altering accident. They were stopped in traffic when a drunk driver plowed into their vehicle from behind at 60 mph. Fortunately they both walked away with minor injuries but their perspective was forever changed. They poured those experiences into their music and the result is a nine-track release loosely chronicling their experiences since the accident.

“Begin the Begone” gets off to an energetic start with keeper “Head Cleaner,” and The Orange Peels also soar on “Fleeing the Scene,” “Tidepool,” “9” and “Wintergreen.” The band’s longtime fans are sure to enjoy the album, and it’s the kind of record that bring new listeners into the fold. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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