Rose Windows make leap forward with self-titled second LP

Rose Windows‘Rose Windows’
Rose Windows (Sub Pop)
4 stars out of 5

Seattle-based collective Rose Windows put a unique spin on psychedelic indie rock with 2013 debut album “The Sun Dogs” and I’ve been waiting to hear more from the six-member band ever since. In reviewing that first record, I said their music was best-appreciated “when under the influence of, uh, glaucoma medication” in light of the deliberate way the trippy tunes unspooled.

Rose Windows CDRose Windows have tightened things up a bit — to terrific effect — on self-titled sophomore full-length. The songs are still effective, but the band is better served by some judicious editing this time around. With nine tunes clocking in at a manageable 39 minutes, the momentum never wanes.

The one-two opening punch of “Bodhi Song” and “Glory Glory” set the hazy tone, and Rose Windows also deliver the goods on “Strip Mall Babylon,” “Come Get Us Again,” “Aurora Avenue” and “A Pleasure to Burn.” If you haven’t yet discovered this talented young outfit, here’s a perfect way to get started. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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