Arthur Nasson gets sons’ help on ‘The Emperor’s New Sound’ EP

Arthur Nasson‘The Emperor’s New Sound’
Arthur Nasson (Philistine)
3.5 stars out of 5

It’s a family affair for singer/songwriter Arthur Nasson on “The Emperor’s New Sound,” the Massachusetts native’s newest EP. His sons join the fray on the five-track collection of ear-pleasing power/pop and the results are quite enjoyable.

Arthur Nasson CDNasson handles the bulk of the heavy lifting (vocals, piano, guitar, bass, organ, percussion, synthesizers), but son Graham plays drums on all five cuts and Hammond B3 organ on closer “Graham’s Gentlemen’s Club.” And son Colin plays guitar, theremin and some spoken word work.

Things get off to a strong start with the title track, “Purple Swan” and personal favorite “Tiger By the Claws.” The short-player’s weak link, such as it is, is “Multiverse,” but Nasson & Sons bounce back nicely with the aforementioned “Graham’s Gentlemen’s Club.”

If you are hankering for even more from Arthur Nasson, check out experimental EP “That’s No Way to Treat a Piano,” in which he sets out to dispel any and all preconceived notions about what the instrument can do. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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