Electro outfit Delerium dip into the past with ‘Rarities & B-Sides’

Delerium‘Rarities & B-Sides’
Delerium (Netwerk)
3 stars out of 5

Having never heard a single song by Canadian electro outfit Delerium before this album came across my desk a couple weeks ago, you could argue that everything is a “rarity” when it comes to the project spearheaded by Bill Leeb (Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly). A little research revealed, much to my surprise, that Delerium have churned out more than a dozen albums since 1988. Go figure.

Delerium CD“Rarities & B-Sides” serves as my introduction to the group so I don’t have anything else to compare it to. There are some nice moments to be found on the 12-track slab, with an impressive roster of guest vocalists (Emily Haines, Rykka, Matthew Sweet, Sarah McLachlan, Miranda Lee Richards) lending their talents.

“There are three tracks on our ‘Rarities & B-Sides’ that are previously unreleased,” Leeb explains. “These songs were literally buried in a box of tapes for more than 10 years and were accidentally unearthed by our sound engineer Greg Reely.”

Those three cuts are the highlights here, with Metric’s Haines shining bright on “Glimmer,” Rykka lendingher voice to “Aurora” and “Ray” featuring Kristy Thirsk. Additional keepers include “Silence” with McLachlan, the Sweet-fueled “Daylight” and “Send Me an Angel” with Richards. Alas, a little Delerium goes a long way for me and at almost an hour, the album is overstuffed by about a third. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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