Rootsy singer/songwriter Rob Nance sends up ‘Signal Fires’

Rob Nance‘Signal Fires’
Rob Nance (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

North Carolina-based singer/songwriter/guitarist Rob Nance opened some eyes on the roots circuit with his 2013 debut album “Lost Souls & Locked Doors” and he tried to build on the buzz with a busy touring schedule as he continued to hone his sound. Not one to rest on his laurels, Nance has tweaked his sound a bit on solid sophomore set “Signal Fires.”

Rob Nance CD“This time around I wanted to take the music I’m comfortable with and see if I could push it in any new directions,” he explains. “I think this album reflects my need to explore beyond the normal scope of folk and Americana music … it was cathartic to at least follow some of the ideas wherever they led, even if they didn’t always fit.”

The result is a solid, road-tested album that, while a tad less effective than its predecessor, still has me believing that Nance is onto something special. After a so-so start to the proceedings with “No Gold,” Nance unveils a series of stellar tunes in “Landslide Town,” “Different Ways to Lie,” “The Breeze,” Shelter” and “Getaway Man.” This one merits some attention, folks. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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