Miniboone avoid sophomore slump with terrific ‘Bad Sports’

Miniboone‘Bad Sports’
Miniboone (Ernest Jenning)
4 stars out of 5

I was absolutely blown away by the 2013 self-titled debut album from Brooklyn-based power/pop quartet Miniboone and that dynamic 13-track release remains in steady rotation on my iPod. I’ve been anxiously awaiting a follow-up from the quarter and the lads certainly don’t disappoint with the release of sophomore set “Bad Sports.”

Miniboone CDThere’s an infectious energy that emanates from frontman Tony Aquilino and his mates, and it’s easy to see why Miniboone have been tabbed to perform at festivals like Bonnaroo, South By Southwest and CMJ. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the band play live yet, but am hoping they’ll roll through Pittsburgh in the very near future.

Any fears of a sophomore slump are put to rest right away as Miniboone impress from the outset with “Basic Song,” “IRL” and “Any Other City.” Additional keepers include “I Don’t Wanna Write an Email,” “Erasure” and “No Fun in the Funhouse.” Closer “I Know You Would Do Anything for Love But What Would You Do for Me?” sounds like a working title for a Meat Loaf song, but it’s a pitch-perfect way to bring this terrific album to a close. Kudos. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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