Joywave make full-length debut with ‘How Do You Feel Now?’

Joywave‘How Do You Feel Now?’
Joywave (Hollywood)
3.5 stars out of 5

New York-based electro-pop outfit Joywave earned their stripes with a series of online mixtapes, singles and well-received EPs. The buzz reached its peak last summer when Joywave performed at Lollapalooza and the five-piece looks to continue the upward trajectory with the release of debut full-length “How Do You Feel Now?”

Joywave CDComprised of Daniel Armbruster (vocals), Joseph Morinelli (guitar), Sean Donnelly (bass), Benjamin Bailey (keyboards) and Paul Brenner (drums), the current incarnation of Joywave formed in January 2010. Prior to that, Armbruster and Donnelly played together in a joke band that satirized pop hits and in a straight-forward guitar-rock outfit.

“We learned opposite things from those two (early) bands,” Donnelly says. “Basically that the whole music industry is a giant s*** storm, so we should do whatever makes us happy. That is what led to the genre-hopping and experimentation of our current sound.”

That current sound is pretty infectious and has Joywave riding another crest. Lead single “Somebody New” is a radio staple and the band also scores with “Tongues,” “Now,” “Parade,” “Travelling at the Speed of Light” and “Bad Dreams.” Keep an eye on these guys. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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