Jeremy Bass pours personal pain into sublime EP ‘Winter Bare’

Jeremy Bass‘Winter Bare’
Jeremy Bass (self-released)
4 stars out of 5

Singer/songwriter Jeremy Bass isn’t the first musician to channel his personal pain and sorrow into art, nor will the Brooklynite be the last one to do so. In remarkable new EP “Winter Bare,” however, Bass has emerged from the darkness of personal hardship with a record that absolutely deserves to be heard by as many people as possible.

Jeremy Bass CD“I suppose it’s fitting that the songs on ‘Winter Bare’ came out after a period of intense suffering in my personal life, followed by unexpected and incredibly joyful personal freedom and musical exploration” says Bass, who was going through a divorce and selling their marital home when he set about penning these seven tunes. “I was drinking, I had run out of money, I was nearly unemployed, and certainly unemployable.”

He rose above the despair to craft a rootsy, 25-minute gem that blends elements of pop, country and folk into a tasty sonic stew. Bass shines brightest on “Lift Me Up,” the title track, the Ryan Adams-inspired “One More Cigarette,” “Red Tailed Hawk” and “Counting.” Things are looking up these days for Bass … and this splendid record is just part of the equation. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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