Nadine Shah’s rich vocals anchor sophomore platter ‘Fast Food’

Nadine Shah‘Fast Food’
Nadine Shah (Apollo/R&S)
3.5 stars out of 5

The first thing you notice about British singer/songwriter Nadine Shah is her voice. She has a deep and rich intonation that I’m guessing would sound terrific even if she was singing the alphabet song or just about anything else. She’s the product of Pakistani and Norwegian parents and has created an alluring sophomore album in “Fast Food.”

Nadine Shah CD“For years I had this romanticized ideal of what love would be,” Shah explains. “I thought it would be perfect and that I would always be someone’s first love, but as you get older, people have been in love before. That’s a large part of what ‘Fast Food’ is about, the sudden realization that you’re never going to be anybody’s first love ever again.”

The title track gets things off to a terrific start, setting the tone for the rest of the 10-track, 41-minute platter, and Shah also hits the right notes on keepers “Moatador,” “Nothing Else to Do,” lead single “Stealing Cars” and “Big Hands.” After several spins of “Fast Food,” I’m eager to track down a copy of her 2013 debut “Love Your Dum and Mad.” I bet you will, too. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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