The Damnwells reunite original lineup for self-titled 6th release

The Damnwells‘The Damnwells’
The Damnwells (Rock Ridge)
3.5 stars out of 5

Veteran rockers The Damnwells have been fixtures on the indie scene since 2001 and through they’ve never exploded into the mainstream, can be counted on to churn out a rock-solid record ever few years. The latest effort, a self-titled gem, is their sixth overall and first featuring the original lineup of Alex Dezen, David Chernis, Ted Hudson and Steven Terry since 2006’s “Air Stereo.”

The Damnwells CD“What this record represents is four guys, 15 years, a few defeats, and a ton of tiny victories,” frontman Dezen explains. “What this record means to me is more than what you hear carved into the wax. It’s about coming together. It’s about brotherhood. It’s about making music together.”

The Damnwells explode out of the gate with the one-two-three opening punch of “Money and Shiny Things,” “Kentexas” and “The Girl That’s Not in Love With You,” and later hit all the right notes on “She Goes Down,” “Kill Me,” “This Ship of Ours” and “None of These Things.” The reunion of the original lineup has served The Damnwells well. Here’s hoping there are more records like this in their future. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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