Norah Rendell honors traditional Canadian folk on ‘Spinning Yarns’

Norah Rendell‘Spinning Yarns’
Norah Rendell (Two Tap Music)
3.5 stars out of 5

Fans of old-school folk music should warm to the sounds of Canadian singer Norah Rendell. An accomplished singer and flute/whistle player, Rendell turned to the past for the songs that became latest full-length “Spinning Yarns.”

Norah Rendell CD“My return to North America as a touring musician brought me into contact with traditional music communities in eastern Canada,” Rendell explains. “Inspired by these living traditions, I embarked on a long journey to learn more about the oral song tradition of Canada. This album is the fruit of that journey, and a very modest representation of a massive store of songs that are waiting to be rediscovered.”

There are influences from England, Ireland and Scotland on the 12-track, 53-minute release as Rendell efforts to make every song her own. Among the highlights here are “The Sailor’s Bride,” “Lost Jimmie Whalen,” “The Pinery Boy,” “Sir Neil and Glengyle,” “St. Patrick’s Day” and “When I Wake in the Morning.” Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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