The Furious Seasons shine bright on new album ‘My Love Is Strong’

The Furious Seasons‘My Love Is Strong’
The Furious Seasons (Stonegarden)
4 stars out of 5

David Steinhart has been making music for more than 30 years — with pop outfits Pop Art and Smart Brown Handbag, and as a solo performer — and in recent years has turned his attention to latest project The Furious Seasons. The terrific “My Love Is Strong” is the fourth release by The Furious Seasons — but the first Steinhart record of any sort to pop up on my radar.

The Furious Seasons CDThough there’s probably no excuse for my ignorance of Steinhart before now, at least the unfamiliarity makes “My Love Is Strong” one of the out-of-left field gems that makes reviewing music so rewarding to me. It’s a dynamic gathering of 13 Steinhart-penned tunes that are sure to impress.

The opening tandem of “Southern Night” and “Understand” set the tone for what’s to come and The Furious Seasons later soar on “Fooled By the Bottle,” “Full Disclosure,” the title track and set closer “Soft Landing.” You better believe I’ll be diving into Steinhart’s back catalog. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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