Alicia Witt expands her musical wings on ‘Revisionary History’

Alicia Witt‘Revisionary History’
Alicia Witt (Compass)
3.5 stars out of 5

Actress Alicia Witt is best-known for her work on television (“Cybill,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Justified,” “House of Lies”) but she’s long considered herself a singer/songwriter as well. While she’s dabbled in music before with a 2009 self-titled EP and 2012’s “Live at Rockwood,” Witt lays all her cards on the table on latest platter “Revisionary History.”

4Panel CD Jacket with 2 Pockets-LE-C1101 copyIt’s taken a while for Witt and producer Ben Folds to cobble together the nine-track release, with a handful of the original tunes dating back a decade or more. Witt says “Revisionary History” is the most “personal thing that I’ve put out” and her emotional investment adds to the quality of the record.

The set opens with a reflective piano ballad “Friend,” but Witt quickly defies expectations with an abrupt left-turn into Alanis Morissette territory with the wonderfully aggressive — and decidedly R-rated — gem “About Me,” which proves to be the highlight of the album. Additional keepers include “Already Gone,” “Theme From Pasadena (You Can Go Home),” “Consolation Prize” and the album-closing bonus track “I’m Not Ready for Christmas.” Folds and Witt have delivered one of the pleasant surprises of 2015. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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