Laura Marling delivers impressive new platter in ‘Short Movie’

Laura Marling‘Short Movie’
Laura Marling (Ribbon Music)
4 stars out of 5

English singer-songwriter Laura Marling has accomplished a stupendous amount at the young age of 25. Her first record dropped when she was just 18, and now, seven years later, she has delivered her fifth platter “Short Movie,” one of the her most agitated and impressive to date.

Marling coverFor this release, Marling wrote the songs primarily on electric guitar, and her penchant for the folkish side takes a bit of a backseat on these 13 songs. The quieter, delicate moments still are there, such as on cuts such as riveting opener “Warrior,” which reminds of Nick Drake; “How Can I”; and awesome “Don’t Let Me Bring,” where she asks, point blank, “Did you think I was f***king around?”

But a new side of Marling emerges on “False Hope” that recounts her experiences during Hurricane Sandy; confrontational and gritty “Strange”; feral and echoey “Howl”; and the great title cut, where she bites, “I think I could get away with saying half of what I say now.”

Think about that one for a while. Marling is an amazing talent whose name needs to be near the top in conversations about today’s most gifted songwriters. (Brian Krasman)


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