Folk Family Revival soar on terrific ‘Water Walker’ release

unnamed-1‘Water Walker’
Folk Family Revival (Rock Ridge)
4 stars out of 5

I’m sorry to say that “Unfolding,” the 2011 full-length debut from Texas-based Americana quartet Folk Family Revival came and went without ever appearing on my radar. After spinning splendid sophomore set “Water Walker” non-stop over the past few weeks, you better believe I corrected that mistake and tracked down a copy of the record.

Folk Family CDFolk Family Revival — brothers Mason, Barrett and Lincoln Lankford, plus pal Caleb Pace — have set the bar high with this 12-track, 46-minute set. There’s something for everyone in the music — country, blues-rock, folk — as FFR explore a variety of genres.

“I’m a huge (Bob) Dylan fan and I’ve noticed from his live recordings that a song never sounds the same way twice,” Mason Lankford explains. “We’ve always been really into that idea, even as we’ve grown. We want the song to sound different than it did last week. We’ve been changing our songs every day for the last five years, and once we get into the studio, we’ll think about which version worked best and we’ll record it that way.”

The guys come out of the gate firing with “If It Don’t Kill You” and “Sunshine,” and later impress with “American Standard,” “Drunk Again.” “Everyone Loves Everyone” and “I Found God.” I can’t recommend “Water Walker” highly enough, folks. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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