Callaghan builds on her solid debut with ‘A History of Now’

Callaghan‘A History of Now’
Callaghan (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

British singer/songwriter Callaghan made a nice first impression with the 2012 release of her “Life in Full Colour” debut. Effectively blending pop, folk, rock and country into her sound, I posited that the sky was the limit for this talented young artist. She hasn’t exploded into the mainstream as of yet, but continues to build a rock-solid foundation on sophomore platter “A History of Now.”

Callaghan CD“We are all, right now, writing a story which will one day fascinate someone,” Callaghan notes. “The way we live, the decisions we make, and the moments of hope, grief and happiness which puncture all our lives will one day make someone stop, think and wonder. All of us are writing our own ‘history of now.’”

She’s built a loyal fan base in a few short years and offers her heartfelt thanks for their support on keeper “Who Would I Be.” Additional standouts include opener “Crazy Beautiful Life,” “I’ll Take You Away,” “Best Year,” “When You Loved Me” and “Parachute.” It’s time you got to known this talented artist. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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