Canadian treasure Ron Sexsmith delivers winner on ‘Carousel One’

Ron Sexsmith‘Carousel One’
Ron Sexsmith (Compass)
4 stars out of 5

I’ve been a big supporter of Canadian singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith for more than 10 years and have marveled how he can be counted on to deliver a flat-out terrific record ever few years. Latest effort “Carousel One,” Sexsmith’s 13 full-length since 1991, continues his career-long winning streak and has me wondering, again, just why he’s not more of a household name.

Ron Sexsmith CD“I didn’t realize until we were putting the songs together for ‘Carousel One’ that this would be more outgoing, there’s a lot more humor,” Sexsmith says of the 16-track, 51-minute release. “I mean, there’s even a smiling picture on the cover, which I’ve never had before. I just hope it doesn’t scare the children.”

As was the case with 2013’s fantastic “Forever Endeavour,” the 51-year-old Sexsmith is on top of his game here. Opener “Sure as the Sky” is excellent, as are keepers “Loving You,” “Before the Light Is Gone,” “Sun’s Coming Out,” “Lord Knows,” “Can’t Get My Act Together” and “The Other Side.” Do yourself a favor and track down a copy of “Carousel One” … but be warned that if you do, chances are you’ll find yourself diving into Sexsmith’s stellar back catalog. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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