Veteran German trio Camouflage still going strong with ‘Greyscale’

(Photo by Klaus Mellenthin)

(Photo by Klaus Mellenthin)

Camouflage (Bureau B)
3.5 stars out of 5

German synth-pop trio Camouflage have been doing their thing for more than 30 years, having seen countless musical trends come and go in the interim. They go back so far, in fact, that the Berlin Wall was still standing when Camouflage burst onto the scene with their 1988 debut album “Voices & Images.”

Camouflage_Greyscale-shine_Quadrat.inddBand members Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig and Marcus Meyn have continued to churn out records over the ensuing years, some good (1989’s “Methods of Silence,” 1995’s “Spice Crackers”) and some not so good (1990’s “Meanwhile”) … but the rock-solid “Greyscale” marks there first release in almost a decade.

Things get off to a very strong start with “Shine” and “Laughing,” with Camoufalge also impressing on “Count on Me” (featuring Peter Heppner), “Still,” “Leave Your Room Behind” and “End of Words.” With the dozen tunes on “Greyscale” clocking in at more than 55 minutes, the record overstays its welcome by about a quarter … but it’s nice to see that this veteran band still has something to say. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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