KDH shine bright on sophomore full-length ‘Piedmont Rose’

KDH‘Piedmont Rose’
KDH (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

The psychedelia-tinged indie rock of KDH (also known as Kill Devil Hills) is rough around the edges in the best possible. There’s a raw, unbridled energy in the Brooklyn-via-North Carolina band’s sound that shines through on stellar sophomore full-length “Piedmont Rose.”

KDH CDThe chemistry between longtime friends Drew Taylor (guitar/vocals), Lee Hinshaw (drums/vocals), Ian Lockey (guitar) and Alex Smith (bass) is evident throughout a nine-track, 40-minute release that (hopefully) will raise the band’s profile considerably. KDH build on the strengths of 2013’s “Kill Devil Hills” debut and seem on the cusp of bigger and better things.

Dynamite opener “Beloved Devotion” is the highlight of the set — along with sprawling instrumental keeper “Lettuce Rest (Appalachian Spring)” — with KDH also impressing on “Time to Die,” “Heaven Should” and the set-closing title track. Keep your eye on this up-and-coming outfit. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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