Gutter rock trio Wake Up Lucid sizzle on ‘Gone With the Night’

Wake Up Lucid‘Gone With the Night’
Wake Up Lucid (WUL Records)
3.5 stars out of 5

Don’t be surprised at all if Los Angeles-based gutter rock trio Wake Up Lucid suck you into latest EP “Gone With the Night” right away. There’s a sense of urgency in the blistering guitar riff from frontman Ryan Baca on lead track “White Collar Love” that immediately makes you sit up and take notice.

Wake Up Lucid CDThat riff is made all the more compelling when cousin Jamie Baca comes in with some seriously frenetic drumming and bassist Ian Baca, another cousin, helps hold down the bottom. In addition to “White Collar Love,” Wake Up Lucid also score with “Let It Roll” (it boasts another splendid riff), “I Want” and “Gone With the Night.”

“Each production that I have been a part of with Wake Up Lucid is proving to be exponentially more expansive than the previous,” producer Joe Cardamone says. “I heard a confidence in their sound this time that was really exciting. This EP is a warning to what will be coming on the new LP. One of the best bands with guitars in their hands.”

If every song on the six-track EP was as good as “White Collar Love,” this would be a truly remarkably slab. Instead, it’s a very good album (that flirts with greatness on a few occasions) from a band whose star is on the rise. (Jeffrey Sisk)

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