Vetiver return to winning ways with ‘Complete Strangers’ LP

Vetiver‘Complete Strangers’
Vetiver (Easy Sound)
3.5 stars out of 5

As the guiding creative force behind indie folk project Vetiver, Andy Cabic has spent more than a decade churning out first-rate albums. Vetiver peaked, in my opinion, with 2008’s “Thing of the Past” and 2009’s “Tight Knit,” but show there’s plenty of gas left in the tank with newest offering “Complete Strangers.”

Vetiver CDThe 10-track release finds Cabic incorporating more electronic elements into his folk sound and the result is a warm, inviting album that makes up for the four years we’ve had to wait between Vetiver records.

“The album came together slowly over demos at my home in San Francisco and quick trips to L.A., continuing on with (producer Thom Monahan) at his studio,” Cabic says. “It moved in fits and start for a couple years … and eventually ‘Complete Strangers’ arrived.”

He describes sprawling opener “Stranger Still” as “an anthem for insomniacs” and it’s a terrific way for Vetiver to launch the set. Additional standouts include “Confiding,” personal favorite “Loose Ends,” “Time Flies By” and “Edgar.” Good stuff. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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