Andy Gabbard steps out on his own with ‘Fluff’ solo debut

Andy Gabbard‘Fluff
Andy Gabbard (Alive Naturalsound)
3.5 stars out of 5

Best known as the guitarist/vocalist for Cincinnati-based hard rock outfit Buffalo Killers, Andy Gabbard steps out on his own with solo debut “Fluff.” Gabbard usually shares the songwriting and singing duties with brother Zach in Buffalo Killers, but proves capable of steering the ship all by himself on this 16-track release.

Andy Gabbard CDThe entire “Fluff” album was recorded in a single 12-hour recording session last July, with Gabbard playing every instrument in addition to singing and writing all the songs himself. The slab pays tribute to the grunge and alt-rock sounds of the mid-1990s and serves as a nice creative outlet for the talented musician.

The opening salvo of the title track and “Side B” get “Fluff” off to a fast start, and Gabbard later scores with “Everything She Does,” “Octoman,” “Look Not Sound” and “Dreams.” The record is gets lift from four bonus live tracks recorded during a house show last December. Renditions of the title track, “Side B” and “DDS” are the ones you’ll remember. Rock on. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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