Imaginary Future’s ‘Sunlight’ LP will leave a smile on your face

Imaginary Future‘Sunlight’
Imaginary Future (self-released)
3.5 stars out of 5

Jesse Epstein is a happy dude. The singer/songwriter behind one-man-band Imaginary Future married his high school sweetheart Kina Grannis — herself an acclaimed musician in indie circles — in Auguest 2013 and it’s been pretty smooth sailing ever since.

Imaginary Future CDPrior to getting hitched, Epstein has penned primarily sad, slow tunes. Married life changed all that and he set about writing tunes that reflected the happiness and optimism in his life. Latest project “Sunlight” serves as a love letter to Grannis. There are 11 songs on the enjoyable platter — one for each year that the couple has been together.

Opener “Forever on Your Side” is flat-out terrific and the highlight of the album. Epstein is joined by Grannis on the track and it’s a good enough tune to make it worth investing in the Imaginary Future album. Happily, the remainder of “Sunlight” is pretty good, too. Keepers include “Take It as It Comes,” “Better Together,” the title track, “Beautiful Day” and “It’s Getting Better.” If nothing else, this record figures to leave listeners with a smile on their face. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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