Hayden serves up another gem with eighth full-length ‘Hey Love’

Hayden‘Hey Love’
Hayden (Arts & Crafts)
4 stars out of 5

Though he’s never become a household name, Toronto singer/songwriter Hayden Desser — who goes by the stage moniker Hayden — has spent the better part of 20 years crafting enjoyable rock/folk albums. Eighth full-length release “Hey Love” ranks among his better offerings to date and comes just two years after he knocked it out of the park on “Us Alone.”

Hayden CDThe new album is an emotionally-charged gathering of 13 songs primarily recorded in his home studio. Opeing tracks “Hearts Just Beat” and “Troubled Times” set the tone for “Hey Love,” and Hayden later scores with “Time Ain’t Slowing Down for Us,” “Orange Curtain Light,” the title track, “Five Seasons” and set closer “Shelter.”

It’s been a busy — and rewarding — year for Hayden and wife Christie Greyerbiehl. They saw longtime pet project “Dream Serenade,” a foundation that supports services for children with disabilities, come to life last fall with a benefit concert at Toronto’s acclaimed Massey Hall. The show featured performance by Feist, Jason Collett, members of The National and Barenaked Ladies, among others. Add to that this delightful album and it’s a good time to be Hayden. (Jeffrey Sisk)


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